About Us

FratCastles.com is the one stop shop for a potential new member seeking access into his or her Greek system. FratCastles provides fraternities and sororities at their local universities with a simplistic and uniform infrastructure for building a clear and positive online presence, where recruits can effectively weave out the plethora of outdated and irrelevant content that inhibits the Internet today. We provide a bridge, which intuitively creates the necessary link that eases the recruitment experience for prospective candidates while simplifying the recruitment process for the respective Greek organizations. By having one online location for the presence of individual chapters, Facebook networking, and online videography, FratCastles.com offers a personalized recruitment practice that ensures the continuous growth and development of strong Greek charters.

During the interim, FratCastles will only be serving to Indiana University. By the fall of 2013, we aspire to have more universities added to the FratCastles network. As always, we hope you enjoy!

Interfraternity Council: FratCastles.com works alongside Indiana University's Interfraternity Council (IFC). Our services are now being utilized on IU's campus as an informal recruitment tool for the Greek system. By working directly with IFC, we will be able to best serve the community and ensure that the most efficient recruitment process for both the chapters and potential new members can take place.

Our History

FratCastles began as a website dedicated to promoting the Greek system solely by providing virtual tours of various chapters at Indiana University, allowing viewers to explore the character and culture of each fraternity and sorority through a combination of entertainment and education. The show FratCastles was created by a telecommunications student on Bloomington's beautiful campus with the help and collaboration of the Indiana University Student Television (IUSTV) and its students, where it aired in the freshman dormitories before moving exclusively to FratCastles.com.

The FratCastles team began receiving emails on a regular bases from alumni about how incredible it was to see the homes that they once lived in and from parents about how helpful it was to get a preview of the houses that their students will soon be living. FratCastles allows alumni to virtually walk the hallways of the houses that they once lived in, which inevitably strengthens alumni relations with the local chapters. With these testimonials in mind, we continued to design our episodes to not only be served as recruitment tools, but also to be shared with family and friends.

As the show grew in popularity, it became clear that it had more value than just entertainment and sentimental appeal. We continued to build FratCastles.com into a tool that facilitates students with the recruitment process and to serve as a platform where anyone can find relevant and updated information about their local Greek community in one easy to use location.


The Indiana University Student Television Station (IUSTV) in Bloomington, Indiana is an affiliate of FratCastles.com. IUSTV broadcasts FratCastles tours on IUSTV’s cable channel 2 via the Indiana University Cable System. The Interfraternity Council at Indiana University is also an affiliate of FratCastles.com.

Megaplex Media LLC is DBA FratCastles.com. FratCastles is a service mark of Megaplex Media LLC.