How it works

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The Recruit

Browse: Recruits can see each of their mutual Facebook friends in each Chapter.

Subscribe: Recruits can browse through different Chapters on their campus and ‘Subscribe’ to Recruitment Lists.

Request: Actives that are mutual Facebook friends can request Recruits to subscribe to their Chapters.

Message: Recruits can message any Chapter on campus to communicate directly with the Recruitment Chairs.

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The Recruitment Chair

Recruitment List: The Recruitment Chairs have access to the Recruitment List. They can see Chapter insights, subscriptions, comments, and Recruit Bios.

Recruit Bio: The Recruit Bio displays the Recruit's information (that they provided) and who their mutual friends are in the Chapter.

Groups: Using the Recruitment List, Recruitment Chairs can create groups to help them better organize the potential new members.

Message: The Recruitment Chairs can message any Recruit that has subscribed to their Chapter. They can send individual or group messages that allow everybody to communicate effectively on one platform.

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The Active

Chapter Page: The Actives play a smaller role on, but unarguably one of the most important! When Recruits browse through different Chapter pages, they see not only the history and general information of each house, but they also see their mutual Facebook friends that are in that Chapter.

Search for Recruits: The Actives help the Recruitment Chairs by having the ability of seeing all of their mutual Facebook friends that are signed up as Recruits on They are then able to send their friends personalized invitations to subscribe to their Chapter.

Recruitment List: The Actives cannot see the Recruitment List or Recruit Bios, but can see who has subscribed to their Chapter. The Actives can choose to leave a comment about any of the potential new members (that only the Recruitment Chairs can see), helping the Recruitment Chairs learn more about each of the members subscribed to their Chapter.

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The Exec

Roster: The Exec (who is usually the President) invites and validates each Chapter member on

Candidate Roster: The Exec also validates Recruits that have indicated that they are candidates of the Chapter (have completed their candidate education process).

Chapter Settings: The Exec can choose up to three Recruitment Chairs and inputs the emails for the various Chapter Chairs that can be emailed from the Chapter page.

Edit: The Exec can add and edit text represented on all of the individual Chapter pages to keep information relevant and up to date.