Alpha Delta Pi

Indiana University

About Us

Alpha Delta Pi was one of the first sororities in the history of the modern American Greek system. Many consider Alpha Delta Pi to be the first and oldest secret society for women in the world. They pride themselves on being “first, finest, and forever”. Alpha Delta Pi is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and their sorority is host to over 215,000 women among 150 active chapters around the world. The main focus of the sorority is fellowship and scholarship, both of which they heavily work towards and focus on. Alpha Delta Pi is extremely philanthropic and has some of the most honest, hardworking, and charitable people one could ever meet.

Our Sisterhood

The Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood is based on the motto “we live for each other” meaning that every sister has an undying allegiance to one and another. The Alpha Delta Pi bond is so strong that many of the sisters in the chapter continue to stay friends for the rest of their lives continue to stay active in sorority life even after leaving college. The sorority is dedicated to the “moral, mental, social, and domestic” improvement of its members and their lives.

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