Alpha Delta Pi

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Beta Alpha Chapter was founded at Indiana University’s campus in 1926. Since then, they have continued to uphold and instill the fraternity's overall goals and values within their individual chapter. The Beta chapter was given a new house on Indiana’s campus in 2001 and continues to be one of the most active sororities on campus today.

The History of Our Organization

Alpha Delta Pi was founded by six women: Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Williams Mitchell, Sophronia Woodruff Dews, Octavia Andrew Rush, Mary Evans Glass, and Ella Pierce Turner on May 15th, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. The society was the first secret society for women and was founded on the principals of sisterhood, scholarship, service to others, and leadership. The sorority was original founded under the name the Adelphean Society but the name was later changed 1905. Today, the sorority is a member of the National PanHellenic Conference, which governs them and over 26 other sororities.

Our Symbols

Alpha Delta Pi has a variety of different symbols that they use to represent themselves and their members. The main symbol is a badge that represents many of the values the sisterhood works on to instill in its members. The badge has a black center with clasped hands, two stars, and Greek lettering that says Alpha Delta Pi. The official flower of the sisterhood is the Woodland violet. A four-pointed diamond is used to represent and symbolize a balanced life with each point representing a different value of the sorority. The official mascot of the sorority is a lion, nicknamed Alphie.


The Alpha Delta Pi sorority strongly believes in philanthropy and scholarship. ADPi works to give many of its members in its many different chapters opportunities to earn scholarships to help subsidize their education. Each year, ADPi gives out various forms of scholarships to its members for their continuing education at their respective schools.