Alpha Omicron Pi

Indiana University


About Our Philanthropy

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another, but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world. The promise to serve can be seen in the relationships within a collegiate or alumnae chapter as they work together to help a sister. In addition, AOPi's exhibit their commitment to be servant leaders as they participate in a project that raises funds for AOPi’s philanthropy, Arthritis research and the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization. The Indiana chapter of AOPi donates time and resources to countless local community projects and organizations, as well as to their international philanthropy.

The Organization

The Arthritis Foundation is the largest national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to the prevention, control and cure of arthritis, the leading cause of disability in the United States. More than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions rob 50 million (one in every five) adults and 300,000 children of living life to its fullest. The Arthritis Foundation works to educate people about this serious, progressive and potentially life-threatening disease through information and programs that improve joint health and promote pain management.

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Contributions and Donations

Your gift to the Arthritis Foundation allows them to fund vital arthritis research and education programs. With each gift, they get closer to the discovery of more advanced treatments -- which help you and your loved ones battle this disabling disease. Together, everyone can fight to end the pain! Please give today.

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