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About Our Philanthropy

Children's Cancer Charities is the focus of Tri Delta members' philanthropic efforts. The mission of these charities is to help alleviate the suffering of children with cancer. At local, national and international levels, Tri Deltas offer financial and volunteer contributions to the research and treatment of children with cancer. In November 1999, Tri Delta further enhanced its philanthropic focus by forming a partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. As a result of this relationship with St. Jude, Tri Delta members have raised over $400,000 for the hospital.

Last Year's Philanthropy

Flapjack Attack is Tri-Delta's annual philanthropy event. Every year their chapter has a great time serving pancakes until 3 A.M. Proceeds from sales go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Organization

St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly.

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Contributions and Donations

Those who volunteer on the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital campus and beyond are the lifeblood of St. Jude. They provide crucial support services that are vital to the hospital and the well-being of its patients. Each day, willing volunteers come to the St. Jude campus to donate their time and energy so that St. Jude can fulfill its mission of finding cures and saving children.