Delta Tau Delta

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

Delta Tau Delta has a long and distinguished history at Indiana University. The local chapter of Delta Tau Delta, Beta Alpha, was established locally on June 4, 1887. Since 1887, Delts has been a cornerstone of the Greek community at IU. In 2012, Delta Tau Delta won its first ever Little 500 bike race.

The History of Our Organization

It all started when members of the Neotrophian Literary Society were fixing the vote withing the organization. As a result of this, eight men decided to leave the society and start their own secret society. Eventually these eight men, who initially formed the secret society to go against the members of the Neotrophian Literacy Society, became drawn together by similar views and brotherly regard. As a result of all of this Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in Bethany, Virginia.

Our Symbols

Delta Tau Delta’s fraternity flower is the Purple Iris. Their fraternal colors are royal purple, white, and gold. The Delts symbol is a golden square with the Greek letters engraved in it. Also there are four golden stars as well as an open eye at the top of the symbol. The fraternity motto is “Committed to Lives of Excellence.”


Delta Tau Delta is proud to offer several scholarships to its brothers. Each with their own unique requirements, not every brother is eligible for each scholarship. The Delta Tau Delta Education Foundation funds the scholarships offered to the men of the fraternity. The foundation is supported mostly by alumni to help attract and retain students based on academics. Delts also offers some need-based scholarships for those who demonstrate financial need.