Delta Upsilon

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Indiana University chapter of DU was established on December 11, 1915 by a group of men known as the Wranglers. They were the eleventh social fraternity on the Indiana University campus. The fraternity has been located on 3rd street since 1926 when they first got a house on campus. The chapter has a long and distinguished history of building better men through their four founding principles: Promotion of Friendship, Advancement of Justice, Development of Character, and Diffusion of Liberal Culture.

The History of Our Organization

Delta Upsilon was founded on November 4, 1834 at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, records of the first official meeting of the fraternity were destroyed in a fire in 1841; however, it is known that ten juniors, ten sophomores, and ten freshman came together to form the fraternity. The fraternity was found based on the following founding principles: The Promotion of Friendship, The Development of Character, The Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and The Advancement of Justice. Even today, 178 years later, the fraternity still abides by these principles.

Our Symbols

Since 1858, Delta Upsilon has had the same motto: Justice, Our Foundation (Dikaja Upotheke). Prior to this motto, Nothing Secret (Ouden Adelon) was their motto. Delta Upsilon also has two colors that represent them: Old Gold and Sapphire Blue.


Delta Upsilon has continued to give scholarships since 1950. As of 1965, the Delta Upsilon Education Foundation has given grants to the Fraternity to support the members. In 2001, the McQuaid Scholarships were added and as of 2003 the Oak Circle Scholarship Fund has been established. All of these scholarships are available to full-time enrolled DU brothers. Each scholarship has its own unique criteria.