Delta Zeta

Indiana University

About Us

The Epsilon Chapter is the 5th chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority. As a single letter chapter, they pride themselves on the foundations of the sorority and have formed bonds of friendship which will last a lifetime. The Delta Zeta Sorority provides an enduring sisterhood based on a heritage of core values, academic excellence, leadership development and service to others.

Our Sisterhood

Delta Zeta has the best sisterhood around because it is real. It's something that no one can explain, even if you've experienced it, because words can't describe the feelings that surround their sisterhood. They all have a story of a time when their sisters' unconditional love and support held them together and helped them through a rough time. They are there for it all -- the fun times, the bad times, and the times you stay up until six in the morning laughing. Delta Zeta's sisterhood is so many things. It is a shoulder to cry on, an inside joke, a girl's night out, and on top of everything else, it is an everlasting bond.

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