Kappa Delta

Indiana University

About Us

The Kappa Delta Sorority finds its strength as a sorority in supporting several philanthropic events both nationally and in the Bloomington community. Not only do they aim to better the lives of its members through lifelong friendship and support, but they also aim to help those most in need and to better their communities through philanthropy and community service.

Our Sisterhood

Sisterhood is the common tie that binds all Kappa Delta members. Their open motto, "Let us strive for that which is Honorable, Beautiful, and Highest", is perpetuated in each and every one of their sisters. From the moment you walk up the front steps on Bid Day, you begin to form relationships that will last a lifetime. Being a KD means belonging to a group of exceptional women who will stand by your side through the good times and the bad. KD accepts its members for who they are and challenges them to develop into the women that they dream of becoming. It is the sisterhood that Kappa Deltas will cherish and remember long after our days at Indiana University.

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