Phi Delta Theta

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Indiana University chapter of Phi Delta Theta, the Alpha Chapter, was formed in October of 1849. It was the second chapter to be established. It all started when John McMillan Wilson, an original founder of the parent chapter of Phi Delta Theta, came to Indiana University in search of a few men of good character to start the second chapter. He selected two men, Robert G. Elliott and Samuel S. Elliott, who together, formed the second fraternity on IU’s campus.

The History of Our Organization

Phi Delta Theta was founded on December 26, 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The fraternity started by the “immortal six” when they put their signatures to the Bond of the Phi Delta Theta in Wilson’s Room. The names of the six founders are still a vital part of the rituals still followed today.

Our Symbols

There are several symbols that represent Phi Delta Theta. The Badge of Phi Delta Theta was made in 1849 and is to be worn only by initiated members over their hearts. Another symbol is the Phikeia button. This button was the first pledge button to be used by any fraternity. The Coat-of-Arms is another symbol of the fraternity. As of 1871, the fraternal colors of Phi Delta Theta are azure and argent.


Phi Delt offers many scholarships to its members. Some scholarships are priority to those who have held specific positions, some are just for brothers, and some are for specific chapters only. Some other scholarships are awarded for community service, academic achievement, campus activities, and campus honors. These scholarships total to more than 150 thousand dollars annually.