Phi Sigma Kappa

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

Phi Sigma Kappa was rechartered in 2001 and has more than doubled in size since that time. The Indiana University chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is currently ranked in the top ten for member GPA and has the honor of being named Outstanding Chapter of the Year four years in a row.

The History of Our Organization

Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst, now the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is the setting for the founding of Phi Sigma Kappa. Among its other students in the early 1870s, it had attracted six men of varied backgrounds, ages, abilities, and goals in life who saw the need for a new and different kind of society on campus. It is then recalled that Henry Hague suggested that, since the six were close and were not interested in the fraternities on campus, they create their own. They banded together in 1873 to form a "society to promote morality, learning and social culture."

Our Symbols

The official colors of Phi Sigma Kappa are silver and red and their flower is the Red Carnation and White Tea Rose. They are well recognized for their fraternity symbol, The Triple T's.


The Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation will grant several scholarships, fellowships and educational grants during the 2012-2013 academic year. Scholarship recipients are carefully chosen based upon their academic success, commitment to the ideals of Phi Sigma Kappa and service to their campus, community and Fraternity. Undergraduate and graduate members are eligible for scholarships and grants.