Pi Kappa Phi

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Alpha Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was established on November 9, 1947 and is the only fraternity to have its own national philanthropy, Push America. The Alpha Psi chapter is the largest chapter on the IU campus and is the largest national fraternity for Pi Kappa Phi. Pi Kapps has won several awards for leadership, citizenship, and volunteering.

The History of Our Organization

Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The fraternity started with three friends: Andrew Kroeg, Simon Fogarty and Harry Mixson, and slowly expanded to eleven. Since 1904 the fraternity has expanded to over 130 campuses today. Pi Kappa Phi stands for a commitment to fundamental values.

Our Symbols

Pi Kappa Phi has several symbols that represent their fraternity. Their main two symbols are the Star and Lamp, which dates back to 1911 when the fraternity wrote a journal to communicate with other chapters. Other symbols of Pi Kappa Phi include the colors white, gold, and royal blue.


The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation offers several scholarships to members of the fraternity. Students who excel in academics, chapter leadership, and campus or community involvement are eligible for at least one scholarship. The Foundation’s mission is to provide tangible support to student leaders.