Sigma Alpha Mu

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Sigma Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was established on April 19, 1912 and is the largest active Sammy chapter in the United States. Sammy is a rising fraternity at Indiana University advancing academically, socially, and philanthropically. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu have dedicated themselves to expanding the fraternity to reach its fullest potential.

The History of Our Organization

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity was founded in Lincoln Corridor at City College of New York in November 26, 1909. It was founded by eight men: Ira N. Lind, Jacob Kaplan, Lester Cohen, Samuel Ginsberg, Hyman I. Jacobson, David D. Levinson, Abraham N. Kerner, and Adolf I. Fabis. The fraternity was initially formed as a Jewish fraternity until 1953 when all men were allowed to join. The fraternity was formed on three main values: true manhood, democracy, and humanity.

Our Symbols

The symbol of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity is an octagon and was founded by eight men, therefore, eight is a very important number to them. Each side of the Octagon represents each of the initial eight founding fathers of the fraternity.


Since 1962, Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity has awarded more than two million dollars in scholarships. During the winter each year, brothers can apply for scholarships through the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. Recipients are announced annually around March. Another scholarship opportunities for newly initiated Sammys are available to those who are initiated with a 3.75 or higher grade points average.