Sigma Delta Tau

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Upsilon Chapter at Indiana University was founded on April 20, 1940.

The History of Our Organization

On March 25, 1917, seven young woman who exemplified self-confidence and the willingness to take a chance, founded a new sorority at Cornell University. The name chosen, Sigma Delta Phi was soon changed to Sigma Delta Tau when the women discovered the letters belonged to another Greek Organization. Most of the seven women had already experienced the subtle, but very real, discrimination practiced against religious minorities by many Greek organizations at the time. In response to the closed doors, and as a way to meet their own social and housing needs, these young women established a sorority which would respect the individuality of its members. The personal growth and social development of each individual was the basis upon which the new organization would be built.

Our Symbols

The official badge of Sigma Delta Tau is the Jeweled Torch, their colors are cafe au Lait and old blue, the sorority flower is the Gold Tea Rose, and their mascot is the teddy bear.


Sigma Delta Tau encourages each individual member to reach her fullest potential by providing intellectual opportunities. Academic training includes a curriculum of scholarship development, recognition incentives and mentoring programs. Approximately fifteen scholarships are awarded each year to undergraduate and graduate students.