Tau Kappa Epsilon

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

Tau Kappa Epsilon at Indiana University was first established in 1950. The chapter was re-colonized in the fall of 2012 by a group of men who wanted to deviate from the normal fraternity model at Indiana University. Since the chapter is so young, it offers leadership positions and opportunities to underclassmen that are not available in any other fraternity.

The History of Our Organization

TKE was founded on Jan. 10, 1899 by Joseph Settles, James McNutt, Owen Truitt, Clarence Mayer, and Charles Atkinson. The five men initially tried to start a chapter of Phi Delta Theta but since they all lacked the proper lineage, their petition was denied several times. At a banquet for the Knights of Classic Lore, William McCauley delivered his famous “Opportunity out of Defeat” speech, which called for the creation of a new national fraternity. It was then that the men of the Knights of Classic Lore adopted the letters Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Our Symbols

The Equilateral Triangle is one of Tau Kappa Epsilon’s main symbols. This is derived from the location of the first three chapters in Champaign, Decatur, and Bloomington, IL. The Flag portrays five red equilateral triangles in a grey stripe down the middle of a red flag. This symbolizes the first chapters, the five founding fathers, and the fraternity colors of Dove Grey and Cherry Red. The patron of Tau Kappa Epsilon is Apollo, god of music, culture, and light, because the ideals of Apollo are what typify the finest development in manhood.


Every Teke chapter conducts its own unique process for providing scholarships and grants. You can email us directly from our chapter page to inquire how scholarships work with the IU chapter.