Theta Phi Alpha

Indiana University


The History of Our Chapter

The Zeta chapter at Indiana University was founded in 1920 and took absence in the '50s. Theta Phi Alpha re-opened its chapter doors in 2012.

The History of Our Organization

The founding of Theta Phi Alpha is a story of a group of young friends, not unlike the members of today. They were faced with a myriad of challenges and issues on their campus. By joining together, they provided support and friendship to one another, to meet the challenges that they faced and to create an organization that would enable future generations to share that sisterhood. They recognize the contributions of the sisters who have gone before them and acknowledge that, without them, their experience today would be very different. Theta Phi Alpha held its first initiation on November 16, 1912.

Our Symbols

The badge is a gold letter "Theta" set with pearls, superimposed upon plain gold letters "Phi" and "Alpha." The Fraternity badge is to be worn over the heart and is always placed above any other piece of jewelry. Their mascot is the penguin and flower is the White Rose.


All sisters of Theta Phi Alpha in good standing are eligible to apply for the annual Theta Phi Alpha Foundation Scholarships. Awardees are chosen on the basis of three criteria: academic performance (transcripts are required), financial need, and service to Theta Phi Alpha.